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Sports Association

The Committee of the Association Sportive du golf d'Ammerschwihr, season 2018.

Francis LEFEVRE President of the AS
Nicole CAMPANI Vice-President of the AS
Captain of the Ladies' Section and Competition Seniors Ladies
Frédéric EBERSOLD President of the Sports Commission
Blanche LEFEVRE In charge of course maintenance and refereeing
Philippe WOLFF Treasurer
Jeanine FURSTOSS Secretary
Nicole CAMPANI Captain of the Competition Ladies' Section and Mid Amateur
Freddy BECKER Captain of Senior's Section
Gilles DUFOUR-Pierrot LAURENT Captains of Senior's 1 and 2
François MANIETTE Captain of Juniors' Section
Frédéric EBERSOLD Captain of Men's Section
Waldemar IDCZAK Captain of Green Cards